Form Manager - Smart Form Manager 2.0


Forms Manager

Smart Forms Manager 2.0

Submitter Features

Web-enabled form access

Web-enabled package (with multiple related forms) access

District sent form access (Email)

District sent package (with multiple related forms) access

SchooStream Collaborative-Mail features (C-Mail)

District sent forms access (SchoolStream Account)

Form "Request Revision" to re-submit (Unlimited times)

Form approver processing status tracking

Collaboration with all submitters/approvers feature (through Message Board, Email/SMS, Collaboration History Log)

Prepopulation of submitter name and user information

Receive form packages sent (pushed) by the district

Approver Features

Unlimited form approval levels

Form access through email

SchooStream Collaborative-Mail features (C-Mail)

Form Approval Status Tracking

Form Revision Request (Unlimited times)

Form Information "Hover Over" Feature

Collaboration View with all approvers (through Message Board, Email/SMS, Collaboration History Log)

Form package approval

Authority controlled information viewing/editing inside the form

Authority controlled forms viewing/editing inside the package

Administrator Features

Form search

Form report generation

Package Search

Package report generation

Approval levels configuration

Approver configuration at each approval level

User Authority Configuration

Approver replacement

Email templates configuration

Role authority configuration

User/Group configuration

Form approver reassignment

Form approver "back-up" approver assignment

Form IT admin notification for "stuck" forms in workflow

Form/Package approval status tracking

Package configuration (Assign forms into a package)

Forms common fields configuration inside the package

Application Features

New Platform User Interface

In-application training videos

Enhanced forms design, layout, and graphics

Form fields modification history tracking capability

Form field data integration capability (Budget codes, student information, etc.)

Dynamic form fields capability (ex. Form can change based on selections)

Customizable conditional routing based on field values of the form

Data visualization

Google Map integration capability

Any external website integration capability

Upcoming Features

Predictive Routing

Data visualization

Cross Forms/Package Reporting


Automated Business Operations

Office Utilities

Internet Conferencing/Collaboration

Device Management


New Application Development

Information Integration Services

Consulting services on change management and process improvement


Channel Partner Program

K12 Thought Leaders

Innovation Sharing Payback Program (ISPP)

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