Partner Program

SchoolStream Certified Distributor Program is designed to let an individual or company who has significant experience in the US education industry to help school districts save cost and increase efficiency by using SchoolStreamcn's Total Business Process Automation Platform cloud solutions, and at the same time make ample annual revenue.

K12 Thought Leaders

The Thought Leaders Program is designed to connect Right Response with experienced leaders in K12 industry to understand their challenges and work together to innovate solutions for those problems. The Thought Leaders Program will have industry leaders leading the discussion on focused subjects. Companies and organizations can participate to share the Total Cost of Ownership to acquire needed solutions with an affordable price. It will also avoid redundant efforts on “reinventing the wheel” to make those solutions available to everyone in the industry.

Innovation Sharing Payback Program (ISPP)

The Innovation Sharing Payback Program (ISPP) is designed to help solve current problems and issues that districts are facing with ZERO financial investment. By collaborating with leader districts and educational organizations, we can work together to create innovative solutions on SchoolStreamcn's Collaborative Network Platform. These innovations can be shared amongst all users on the platform to help stimulate faster evolution in the education industry.

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