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SchoolStreamcn: A Collaborative Network Designed for the K-12 Eco-system

Our Commitment

SchoolStreamcn is committed to ensuring that each deployment is successful by meeting your needs to create a great user experience.

Our staff members are committed to:
  • Understanding and addressing the unique needs for each client
  • Coordinating an efficient and successful deployment to minimize the impact to your daily operations
  • Providing proper training to ensure all members are ready when deployed
  • Providing continuous support to evolve the system when your needs change
Our ultimate objective is to help each SchoolStreamcn member experience the highest Return-On-Investment through increased usage.


Product Deployment

SchoolStreamcn will work with you to coordinate an efficient and successful deployment to minimize the impact to your daily operations. At SchoolStreamcn we recognize that every client is unique in their budget, resources, and needs. Our project managers will work together with you to ensure you are receiving the highest Return-On-Investment as quickly as possible.

Our deployment process will cover the following:
  • Optional customizations to meet your unique needs
  • Coordinate with your staff on a detailed deployment schedule with minimal impact to your daily operations
  • Provide quality training and support to ensure all members are ready when the system is deployed


SchoolStreamcn conducts its training session through online webinars. Our objective is to ensure each client is ready to use the system to perform their daily duties when the system is deployed. Each user’s role and their related responsibilities in the system will be discussed in detail. We also train your power users in the system to perform “level-one” support, so our client has the capacity to build a help desk to support its users if they need to.

SchoolStreamcn offers aditional training packages to provide capped training-fee options for districts that may need multiple training sessions to help cover and retain the systems operational knowledge, save the clients budget, and still allow our clients to maintain highly efficient staff.


SchoolStreamcn provides technical support to assist members as part of your membership. Our objective is to ensure the best user experience while members are using the system to perform their daily duties.

SchoolStreamcn offers an optional Premium Support Package to assist clients that may have limited resources to help them support their staff. The package is designed to minimize the clients support workload and system enhancement demands triggered by the continuous changing needs of the educational environment.


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