Our Product

SchoolStreamcn provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) process automation solutions for all members of the K12 and higher education Industry. This product uses innovative cnCollaborative Network (CN) technology developed by Right Response, LLC.

SchoolStreamcn is the best Value on Investment (VOI) business automation platform in the K12 and higher education industries. It is proven to save cost and increase efficiency for districts and educational organizations nationwide across 31 states. The differences between SchoolStream’s PaaS approach and other SaaS solutions are:

SchoolStreamcn provides two platforms for clients of different sizes and with different automation needs. Both platforms support all SchoolStreamcn applications.

Total Business Automation Platform

Designed for organizations that are trying to automate business processes in different departments and worksites to save material and resource costs, reduce staff work load, and increase operational efficiency.

Adaptive Management Platform   (video)

Adaptive Management Platform is an intelligent system built on top of the Total Business Automation Platform. It allows organizations to define Key Performance Indices (KPIs) and Managing Rules. The system monitors the KPIs in real-time and passes them to the managing rules. The managing rules use the KPIs to make intelligent decisions to help coordinate and synchronize all of the business processes and user actions to reach the defined management objectives. The system also allows the management team to monitor KPIs in real-time and intervene or override the managing rules if necessary.

Our Platform's Architecture

C-Port on SchoolStreamcn's platform allows you to access all your automated business processes from one place. It provides an intuitive mobile and desktop interface with dynamic views based on each individual's authority. It is designed to reduce the learning curve with an intuitive interface design (no menu necessary). It has three main components:

1. Launch Bar — A place you can launch all automated processes that you are authorized to participate. You can also use Launch Bar to jump from your current domain to other members' domains to participate collaborations between organizations

2. Collaborative Mail (C-Mail) — a centralize place list out all instances in the automated business processes that require your input or actions

3. Calendar — Allow you to search by dates for any business instances you have processed or authority to access in the system. Calendar also allows you to initiate time- related events like leave request, different timecard, ttc. You can also export the events generated in SchoolStreamcn to your own Outlook, Google calendars, etc.

Automated Business Processes

You can launch any automated business processes that your organization has deployed from the Launch Bar in C-Port. All of our automated business processes are co-developed with our clients based on their needs and challenges. These proven solutions are actively used by clients throughout the educational ecosystem across 31 states.

SchoolStreamcn members are continuously sharing innovation with each other nationwide to bring new business processes automated and product enhancements into the system. You can learn about any automated processes or request a demo from the Launch Bar. Your SchoolStreamcn Account Manager will contact you and guide you through the easy deployment process.

There are over 30 applications on the platform that you can use for free with your subscription cost, once you are a member:

    Hiring Management
    Volunteer Management
    Substitute Management
    Filing System
    Hiring Notification
    Substitute Notification
    Volunteer Notification
    Personnel Action Request
    Employee Onboarding
    Time Card
    Leave Request
    Reimbursement Request Processing
    Transportation Request
    Facility Use Management
    Notification Center
    Student Registration
    Teacher Web Page
    Parent Portal
    Student Portal
    Staff Performance Feedback
    Teacher Evaluation
    District Website Publisher
    Bid Manager
    Staff Directory
    Conference Request Process
    Active Directory Synchronization Agent
    SchoolStream Mobile Notifications Application
    Android/iPhone Full-Featured Mobile App
    Comming soon:
    Personal/Inter-district collaborations
    and many more!

SchoolStreamcn Mobile

SchoolStreamcn Mobile Notifications Application

Receive push notifications from SchoolStream Districts directly on your tablet or smartphone. Respond to notifications directly through the application to stay connected on the go. Click on the links bellow to download the application.

SchoolStreamcn Mobile Platform Application (comming soon)

Our Mobile Platform Application is an extension of the platforms system the allows users to interact with platform applications on the go. Download and access multiple districts and applications across the US directly on your tablet or smartphone. Click on the links bellow to download the appplication.

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