Who We Are | Becoming a LAC member | How Do We Solve Issues Together

Who We Are

SchoolStreamcn has been working with school districts, educational service centers, and county office of educations in over 30 states in making collaboration easier in the educational ecosystem. The company is inviting educational leaders across the country to join the Leadership Advisory Council (LAC) in their area to discuss local and national issues that the Collaborative Network platform can help solve.

SchoolStreamcnwill be collaborating with LAC members to provide technical consultations on possible solutions based on over 15 years of experience with solving similar issues with districts across the nation. The company will also provide possible prototypes and facilitate the development of new applications to benefit everyone in the educational ecosystem.

Becoming a LAC member

(LAC) members participate in addressing key issues impacting education across the country to create tangible results. Membership is free and includes the following benefits:

  • Exclusive discounts on the annual subscription fee for their district when using SchoolStream, including:
  • 7% instant membership discount when joining LAC on annual subscription fee
  • 5% referral discount handout,(Referred client will receive 5% discount on annual subscription fee if referred by you)
  • Ability to utilize Innovation Sharing Payback Program (ISPP) to develop needed applications with net zero cost
  • Invitation and free registration to attend SchoolStream sponsored local leadership events
  • Priority and free access to utilize/pilot new applications on mobile and cloud platforms

How Do We Solve Issues Together?

Working with SchoolStreamcn SchoolStream and the LAC to solve problems will provide the following benefits:

  • Net zero cost to develop applications through ISPP
  • Use SchoolStreamcn's powerful Collaborative Network technology to develop applications for both Mobile & Cloud platforms
  • Partner with SchoolStreamcn's expert development team with over 15 years of experience in the educational industry
  • Collaborate with leaders in the top performing districts/educational organizations in over 30 states across the nation
  • Interested in Joining LAC? Contact us.