What is ISPP? | How Dose It Work? | Benefits To Joining ISPP

What is ISPP?

The Innovation Sharing Payback Program (ISPP) is designed to help solve current problems and issues that districts are facing with ZERO financial investment. By collaborating with leader districts and educational organizations, we can work together to create innovative solutions on SchoolStreamcn's Collaborative Network Platform. These innovations can be shared amongst all users on the platform to help stimulate faster evolution in the education industry.

How Dose it Work?

(LAC) members participate in addressing key issues impacting education across the country to create tangible results. Membership is free and includes the following benefits:

  • District pay the initial development cost to SchoolStream
  • A payback percentage of the development cost will be determined by SchoolStream
  • A predetermined payback amount will be paid to the starter district until the total development costs are returned, when other districts request to use this business process
  • Payback amount can also be used as credits towards future development fees for the district

Benefits to Joining ISPP

Creating soutions in ISPP to solve problems will provide the following benefits:

  • Potential for ZERO financial investment to solve district needed problems by earning back development costs
  • Shorten development process by borrowing SchoolStream desktop/ mobile platform & technologies & industr y experiences
  • Free up district IT resources for more mission critical responsibilities
  • New business process will be integrated with other processes on SchoolStream platform to accomplish total business automation
  • Special feature for your district on the developed business process & share your innovation with other districts across the country
  • Interested in Joining ISPP? Contact us.