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Welcome to SchoolStreamcn

Total Business Process Automation Platform for the K-12 Education Eco-system

Our Mission

SchoolStreamcn's mission is to be the worldwide K-12 online ecosystem for process automation and resource sharing. Our goal is to help members in the K-12 ecosystem to completely automate their internal and external collaboration, or business processes, on a single platform to save costs and increase efficiency. Through over 15 years of experience working in the education industry, we have evolved our business model to be a cloud-based service provider to satisfy the needs of our loyal clients in the educational world. SchoolStreamcn is now servicing over 700,000 members in the K-12 ecosystem in 31 states across the nation and growing rapidly every day.

Our Solution

SchoolStreamcn provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) process automation solutions for all members in the K-12 educational ecosystem. This product uses innovative cnCollaborative Network (CN) technology developed by Right Response, LLC.

We automate our client's daily business or collaboration processes, according to their needs, by customizing existing proven solutions shared on SchoolStreamcn's platform. Our clients avoid reinventing the wheel with proven solutions that can quickly automate their most tedious operational processes at the lowest cost.

Our intuitive, manual-free, user interface design, reduces the learning curve for all users, and helps minimize the change impact to our client’s organization for any process automation effort. Each user's information access rights and behaviors are completely controlled by the authority they are assigned in the system. It provides the highest security control to meet any possible client requirements.

SchoolStreamcn is designed to support all members of K-12 eco-system. Our clients include districts, state offices, county offices, students, parents, community members, and suppliers.

Why You Need SchoolStream

  • Collaboration or business process automation to reduce cost and increase efficiency
  • Collaboration and business knowledge retention
  • Consolidate and integrate island IT solutions to a single platform
  • Transactional and historical information tracing, tracking and retaining
  • Free flow of data across all processes on the platform
  • Information data-mining and analysis
  • Shared innovation

How Do You Work with Us?

If you are an individual, please click the Individual button to contact us to learn about different ways of creating a SchoolStreamcn account.

If you are an organization, please click the Organization button to fill out free-trial form and join the SchoolStreamcn Free-Trial Program.

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