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Our Mission

SchoolStreamcn's provides the Collaborative Network (CN) to make internet collaboration easier for the educational online ecosystem

Our goal is to help members in the educational ecosystem to completely automate their internal and external collaboration, or business processes, on a single platform to save costs and increase efficiency. Through over 15 years of experience working in the education industry, we have evolved our business model to be a cloud-based service provider to satisfy the needs of our loyal clients in the educational world. SchoolStreamcn is now servicing over 700,000 members in the educational ecosystem in 31 states across the nation and growing rapidly every day.

Why You Need SchoolStreamcn

  • Stay connected with the educational community: districts, parents, teachers, staff, vendors, professors, fund raisers, consortiums, alumni, universities, boards, and volunteers.
  • Automate all transactional processes to increase operational efficiency
  • Map & retain operational knowledge to reduce turnover headache
  • Track all transactions in operation to assist auditing
  • Consolidation applications from multivendor to single platform to reduce total cost of ownership
  • Remove island applications so all processes can talk to each other
  • Provide a platform for continuous process improvement
  • Sharing the latest k-12 innovative technology

How CN enables collaboration in the educational ecosystem.

Students & Parents

Coordinate with your schools directly in various facets of your child's education, from transportation and attendance monitoring to student information record updating. Students can receive and collaborate on class reports, homework, materials and more with their peers and teachers on the same platform.

Teachers, Professors, & Staff

Coordinate with faculty, staff, parents and students through information portals and channels. Assign personnal schedules and record time slot information on the go. Manage personal and professional information securely in one spot.

Districts & Universities

Coordinate events, communications and access portals in your immediate and neighboring communities. Set up process to automate records and data share with departments internally and the community externally. Establish real time collaborating channels to reach students staff parents and teachers. Integrate sis, and financial systems into our PaaS so information can communicate with other key resources.


Coordinate with the community and districts under your umbrella. Share resource coordination and collaboration with other consortiums in and out of your region using platform technology to reach the entire education ecosystem.


Set up online purchase stores that ecosystem members can reach for purchases, transactions and orders Use Bid management aps to set bids for contract work with districts and universities across the CN.

Fundraisers & Volunteers

Coordinate resources and schedules with a vast network of volunteers. Increase community awareness of needs and projects. Expand your reach across the CN plaform to increase district communication and notification capabilities to volunteers


Become a resource for current students and administrators after you graduate. Collaborate with other alumni on the CN platform to connect with your school and community. Coordinate reunions and build associations with fellow alumni.


Record collect and analyze district or university data and progress. Set up community outreach programs that allow your districts and university communities to establish feedback channels, opinion polls, surveys and other statistical information key for making decisions.

Our Solution

SchoolStreamcn provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) process automation solutions for all members in the educational ecosystem. This product uses innovative cnCollaborative Network(CN) technology developed by Right Response, LLC. Click below to view our Total Buisness Automation Platform Demonstration

Platform Technology Innovation

We automate our client's daily business or collaboration processes, according to their needs, by customizing existing proven solutions shared on SchoolStreamcn's platform. Our clients avoid reinventing the wheel with proven solutions that can quickly automate their most tedious operational processes at the lowest cost.

Intuitive UI

Our intuitive, manual-free, user interface design, reduces the learning curve for all users, and helps minimize the change impact to our client's organization for any process automation effort. Each user's information access rights and behaviors are completely controlled by the authority they are assigned in the system. It provides the highest security control to meet any possible client requirements.

Educational Eco-System

SchoolStreamcn is designed to support all members of the educational ecosystem. Our clients include districts, state offices, county offices, students, parents, community members, and suppliers

How to work with Us

Why Districts & Universities Select SchoolStreamcn

  • Single annual license fee provides access to more than 30 existing and future business processes, highest ROI
  • Platform approach, all processes talk to each other
  • Technology sharing with nationwide districts
  • Fast deployment with proven high quality solutions
  • Long-term partnership for continuous process improvement

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